Month: November 2014

Reloading rifle cartridges. 2 – Kit and workspace

Because you need to be able to work to very fine levels of precision and consistency when reloading, your kit and workspace become very important. The scales that seem like a bargain on Ebay may look tempting. Will they weigh to a 10th of a grain consistently, thousands of times over? Probably not. Every small…


Reloading rifle cartridges. 1 – Reloading and Zen!

Reloading your own ammunition is a time consuming and delicate business. Some shooters just cannot be bothered. They are happy with the factory ammo they use. They are pleased with the performance of their rifle and ammunition. They are happy with the cost. That is fine, I am not a reloading elitist. I reload for…


A glimpse into the world of CSR (Civilian Service Rifle)

It is a surprisingly warm November morning. I tug on my DPM jacket and wonder if it’s too warm for this- I pull my short magazine Lee Enfield (SMLE) out of its slip, stuff some ammunition in my jacket pocket, and walk over to the group of people milling around.  At this point it starts…