Month: October 2017

What happened to my powder? 

As some of you may be aware Varget is becoming increasingly hard to source in Europe. In fact many popular propellants are rapidly turning into unicorns. So what’s the deal? Is this just another drought which reloaders can ride out? Unfortunately it may be a little more permanent for the European market.  The EU and…


Sharpening Knives – finally a solution that works every time.. 

So I have a confession to make.. despite owning lots of knives I have always struggled to get them consistently sharp.. Sometimes I got lucky and other times they ended up blunter than they were before.. The struggle is real! It turns out I am not alone. A lot of guys I speak to have…


Steiner M5Xi Riflescopes

I am lucky enough to have a job which gives me access to some excellent shooting equipment. For the last couple of months I have been using Steiner M5Xi scopes exclusively on a number of weapon systems. I have also had the opportunity to visit Steiner in Germany and gain an understanding of their manufacturing…