In the last article I discussed fitting the Timney trigger which was kindly demonstrated by Graham from ACP Shooting, Sussex, UK. The fitting was indeed as easy as the instruction manual promises (despite mild brain freeze on our part due to the left handed action). The 511 is a popular upgrade trigger for the left handed Remington 700 rifle. The 510 is the right handed version. Both triggers are adjustable down to 1.5lbs.

In Use.


I took the left handed Remington to Wales for a bit of practical long range steel. The range at Orion Firearms training centre is a firm favourite here at GnZ due to the fantastic scenery, mixed targetry and ability to shoot out to 2000m on a good day (not with a .308 though!).
Graham and I had previously adjusted the trigger weight down but I knew it would need some adjustment on site. Even with that fore thought I managed to forget the torque wrench which I would need to remove the stock. The trigger was showing around 1.5lb on my decrepid spring scales. When dry firing it worked flawlessly and safety functioned properly. Unfortunately live fire proved a little different. I fired one round and the trigger failed to reset. I figured this would be due to the trigger being set a touch to light. I removed the Manners T5 stock and adjusted trigger pull by a full turn of the lower adjustment screw. After replacing the stock and tightening the action screws with a friends Torque driver (Thank you Andy) I was able to try again. Pull weight felt great and the trigger reset for the next shot. I cautiously ran a few more rounds through at 100yds to make sure everything was safe and efficient. Steel plates pinged and the trigger felt fantastic. Onto some more testing targets..


The firing position we were at gave mixed targets out to 1000yds. Targets included skittles, steels and clays. I began at 400 with a swinger and fox silhouette. These proved easy and I noted how crisp the let off was. The previous X mark trigger from Remington would keep you guessing with the break. Guessing is not good as you begin to preempt the bang and recoil which takes your focus away. When slowly squeezing the Timney I know exactly when it is going to fire. The clean break also allows you to action the trigger by slowly increasing finger pressure. Heavier triggers which are not so smooth inspire more of a pull or jerk which does nothing for your accuracy.


I moved on to 850ys taking a couple of 5″ clay targets. That required concentration and I was glad that I did not have to think about trigger pull. I just slowly squeezed focusing on maintaining the target in the reticle. A few more clicks up and it was onto 1000yds. The 1000yd swinging plate is half way up a hillside. The wind in the Welsh valleys is never easy to predict. It comes from so many directions as it swirls around. It took about 5 shots but the steel began swinging. The Remington/Manners .308 was finally beginning to feel really comfortable to shoot mostly thanks to the trigger.


The Timney trigger upgrade makes you realise something. The X mark trigger from Remington is useless for serious long range work. I was not expecting much in terms of noticeable improvement. In fact it changed the whole experience of shooting the rifle. I was able to relax keeping both eyes open. I was able to spot my own shots which I often missed when caught by suprise with the old X mark going off. I thoroughly recommend the Timney 511 and 510 triggers, so much so I will be buying another Timney for the new precision rifle build we have going on right now.

Take care and shoot safe..



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