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Ammunition natures and their temporary effects on accuracy and POI shift

I work as a Ballistic Engineer and pro shooter. I spend a lot of time on ranges firing a variety of weapons. Not only do we conduct firings for new developments but also proof production runs for accuracy. This allows me to gather a lot of data which I simply could not afford to do……

Cerakote – more than just good looks?

Lets cut to the chase – no bullshit, is Cerakoting worth the money and if so why!


As you all will know by now I see every conceivable firearm on the range in my day-to-day job. Some good jobs – some frankly are bloody shocking (paint jobs that is) – but who am I to judge……

Lets talk about torque!


Torque as some of you will know is rotational force. You apply torque with your arm when using a screwdriver for example. If you apply too much torque you may snap the head from the screw, too little and the screw will not hold materials firmly together. The application of measured torque is important because……

Cleaning your rifles – a review of the M-pro7 universal cleaning kit.

I got hold of M-pro7s universal cleaning kit about 4 months ago. I had up to that point been a user of ;

Dolphin Gun Company tour and interview with Mik Maksimovic.

Recently I took one of our project rifles up to Dolphin gun company for a new barrel. We detailed the rebarrelling in the last Presicion rifle build article. I was lucky enough to watch Mik, part owner and head gunsmith, working on the rifle. His knowledge and experience in both shooting sports and engineering impressed……

Building a Precision Rifle Part 4 – Trueflite .260Rem barrel at Dolphin Gun UK.

So we had some fun with the rifle and its standard Remington .308 barrel which was to be fair suprisingly accurate. Now it is time to rebarrel the gun in our chosen caliber (.260Rem).
I spoke with a very informative gent at Trueflite barrels in NZ who really helped us out and put me in……

Building a Precision Rifle – Part 3 – Extended range shooting.

The GnZ Precision rifle build has up to now been a huge success. At both 100yds and 600yds the rifle achieved very good results. Would this bear out at longer range. First we should bear in mind the budget so far..

MDT HS3 Chassis system – £500
Second hand Remington 700 ADL – £350
Second hand……

AR15 On a diet part 2 – Rainier Arms Evo handguard and muzzle brake testing.

In the last article I discussed lightening and modernising the old SPR build we have here. Graham from ACP Shooting (Sussex, England) kindly fitted the Rainier Evolution handguard.
Rainier Arms provided two muzzle brakes which were originally going to be used in a group test…….

Building a Precision rifle – Part 1: MDT HS3 Chassis and calibre choice.

We have a number of rifles available to use here at GnZ. The calibres are the tried and tested old favourites.. .308, .223, .303, 30-06.. I thought it about time we got into something a little different. I decided to run a series of articles featuring a Precision rifle build. Precision/Practical rifle is growing in……

Upgrading your Remington 700 trigger to a Timney.

If you shoot bolt action rifles then you have no doubt heard of Timney triggers. Allen Timney began making aftermarket triggers in 1946. Although Allen is sadly no longer around the company remains family owned and adheres to his original ethos – to make superb triggers which will enhance the accuracy of the rifle.