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Test firing the new .338LM Ultra from RPA

Most of our U.K. readers will be familiar with RPA or Rangemaster Precision Arms. RPA have built a strong sporting heritage in Europe and their actions have dominated serious competition. The famous 4 lug bolt design has a deserved reputation for reliability and extreme accuracy. RPA also produce tactical rifles which may not be as…


The Lee Enfield .303 -Britain’s historic all rounder.

There are many people out there who have an opinion on the Lee Enfield .303 rifle. People with modern black polycarbonate sniper rifles, or the tight leather jacketed “belly flopper” mob with their spaceship looking 7.62 target rifles. Everyone has something to say, and its often negative. Having been acquainted with the 303 for a few…


Gun Review – Remington 700

The Remington 700 is an icon. It has been around since the early 60s. It was designed to be an affordable, mass produced, accurate bolt action rifle. It has been used in military, law enforcement and numerous sporting applications. When I started out in my quest to hit small targets at long range without needing…