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Nextool Dino Bone Pen

I am a big fan of the Tactical Pen. Now I am not so keen on the term “tactical” as a marketing tool but I am not sure how else to describe the pens which are sold as such. Usually the pens are made of metal and feature a glass breaking tip. They often look…


Flashlights for every day carry.

EDC Is a term many of you will be familiar with. It is used to denote “every day carry”. EDC items tend to be tools which are useful, light, relatively small (often fitting a pocket or small bag) and affordable. Typical EDC Items tend to be knives, multi tools, pens and flashlights. I personally carry…


Uzi tactical pens – mightier than the sword?

I first noticed “tactical” pens around 5 years ago. With every item you can imagine becoming tactical somehow the pens stood out to me as an item that would actually benefit from the concept. Tougher pen = good! So what are they?. The tactical pens generally share two components in common which sets them apart…