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Vortex Diamondback 10×42 Binoculars.

Application.  There are so many binoculars out there, from cheap Chinese £30  pairs to £2000 Swarovski specials. People use binoculars for different purposes. Civilian Marksmen may use them for spotting, hunters to identify prey, ornithologists and Wildlife enthusiasts for observing fauna and of course there are the numerous tactical uses. The interesting thing, is that…


Shooting Down under..

An away day shoot for most club members usually entails a ride down the motorway. Accommodation in a B&B, a few pints and a curry. The next day, an early start followed by a full breakfast and then careful preparations, checking of rifles, calculation of wind, range and temperature; followed by the actual shoot.  This…


Trans Continental .303 Shooting Competition.

There is still frost on the ground when we arrive at Bisley. We are here to shoot in Australia. We cannot be in Australia for the weekend, we have neither the time nor the money to fly around the world to fire 24 rounds at large back circles deep in the Australian bush. But what…