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  1. Premier Shooting says:

    Hi Paul, love your site and articles (Raf’s too) Well thought out indeed. Sorry I won’t be seeing you sat…real shame but have hospital to contend with. Be well buddy. Tim

  2. gunsandzen says:

    Good stuff Stephen, nice to hear other shooters are applying their Zen knowledge!

  3. Michele says:

    Hi, I read your review of the knife Maserin 986 and Blackberry, so I wanted to ask you which one is better of the two for bushcraft and survival, let me know what you think, thanks Michele

    • gunsandzen says:

      Hi Michele. Thanks for the interest. I am guessing you had a typo there and meant the Maserin compared to the Mora bushcraft black? If I were buying a knife for purely functional reasons I would probably go with the Mora. For a little bit more money you could get the little Maserin fixed blade which is both funtional and beautiful. It really depends on your needs. Personally I would go with the Maserin but it is a close call between them as far as function and efficiency go..

  4. Terry L says:


    May i ask about practical optic and service optic competitions , are you allowed to have a fixed cheek piece on the rifle ( strap on velcro type , to raise the eye up to better view the scope) , or is this illegal ( against the rules)

    I would like to put one on an old enfield



  5. Malcolm says:

    Why is it that European scope manufacturers do not include in their tactical ranges (1) “numbered MOA reticles” [S&B no numbers] and (2) very limited MOA reticles if any?
    eg, Kahles include MOAK in L624i but do not offer it in K312i or new K318i or new K525i
    Steiner don’t offer MOA reticle in any of Txi or Pxi range

    • gunsandzen says:

      Hi Malcolm, I would guess that is down to the preference that the English have for MOA which doesn’t seem to be shared widely. Most shooters I meet in Europe, the US and Asia like Mils.

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