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  1. Premier Shooting says:

    Hi Paul, love your site and articles (Raf’s too) Well thought out indeed. Sorry I won’t be seeing you sat…real shame but have hospital to contend with. Be well buddy. Tim

  2. gunsandzen says:

    Good stuff Stephen, nice to hear other shooters are applying their Zen knowledge!

  3. Michele says:

    Hi, I read your review of the knife Maserin 986 and Blackberry, so I wanted to ask you which one is better of the two for bushcraft and survival, let me know what you think, thanks Michele

    • gunsandzen says:

      Hi Michele. Thanks for the interest. I am guessing you had a typo there and meant the Maserin compared to the Mora bushcraft black? If I were buying a knife for purely functional reasons I would probably go with the Mora. For a little bit more money you could get the little Maserin fixed blade which is both funtional and beautiful. It really depends on your needs. Personally I would go with the Maserin but it is a close call between them as far as function and efficiency go..

  4. Terry L says:


    May i ask about practical optic and service optic competitions , are you allowed to have a fixed cheek piece on the rifle ( strap on velcro type , to raise the eye up to better view the scope) , or is this illegal ( against the rules)

    I would like to put one on an old enfield



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