A suppressor, sound moderator or can.. Whichever name you call it they have positives and negatives. The positives are: reduced noise, reduced flash signature and reduced recoil. I have also found some suppressors used with some weapons enhance accuracy. I really like using them. They save my hearing and they give muzzle brake type recoil reduction without blasting your neighbouring shooters with hot gasses and noise. 

My old Surefire with some gloves which I normally use to remove it when hot! 

They also have some negatives. The first time I used a supressor on a centrefire rifle I thought I had an eye problem. After a few shots I began losing sight picture. I gave my eye a rub and tried again. I thought I was having some sort of fast onset cataracts! Every time the wind blew sight picture returned, I realized it wasn’t my eye. The suppressor heats up and gives strong mirage. On a calm day this will completely destroy your sight picture. Luckily this revelation prepared me for problem number 2: touching a very hot suppressor will burn you! I wore a glove. You have to check screw on suppressors every few shots as they can work loose. At best this will effect accuracy and at worst it will lead to a catastrophically damaged suppressor. It is also vital that the suppressor is removed after your shooting session. Leaving it on will allow corrosive gases to loiter in your barrel. I have seen barrels owned by guys who didn’t remove their cans and they were completely ruined. 

Armageddon Gear Mirage cover. 

Now I had noticed pictures of “operators” on Instagram using rather cool looking covers on the supressor. Further investigation confirmed these worked as mirage shields and prevented the user burning their pinkies when grabbing the can. This seemed like a sensible and cool looking solution so emails were sent and a package quickly followed.. 
Armageddon Gear

Armageddon Gear make all manner of tactical things from textiles. They are a U.S. based company who proudly state that all their products are 100% American made. They have a great range of useful products and users report great quality which attracted me to their suppressor covers. The customer service and despatch time was excellent and they made sure I ordered the correct size before sending.

The inner heatproof layer and the durable Nylon outer.

The mirage cover fits over the moderator. The inner material is heat proof and acts as an insulator trapping the heat produced from firing. It should be noted that suppressor covers are not designed for full auto weapons or extended strings of fire. If you are running through mags as if it is the zombie apocalypse then you won’t be worrying about mirage anyway! For those of us who are running bolt action rifles or taking careful aimed shots with Semi-autos the cover will be just fine. 
The outer material is a hard wearing nylon available in a wide range of colours and camo patterns. I opted for a tan version to match the furniture on my bolt action rifle and AR15. The suppressor I am running it on is the Jet-z from ASE Utra, a European manufacturer. Armageddon Gear took the dimensions via email and ensured I had the right length. Luckily for me it also fit my old Surefire QD suppressor which is a bonus! 

The bungee cord and tab work really well to keep the cover secure.

The outer cover has bungee cord wrapped around it which tightens with a tab. The bungee cord cinches up the end and ensures the cover stays put under recoil. It also looks badass which many will enjoy – now we can all look like Insta-operators 😉 

High quality materials and workmanship.

The materials and stitching are superb. My partner is a seamstress and she confirmed the craftsmanship was excellent. She also mentioned it would be a difficult job to make one due to the thickness and density of textiles used so hats off to AGs machinists for the precise and durable stitching.. 
In use

I have used the cover on two bolt action rifles which both accept the ASE Utra suppressor. One is chambered in .260Rem and the other in .308Win. I have also used it on the Surefire QD which sits on my AR15. The cover was easy in fit and looked fantastic. I have run about 500-600 rounds through the guns with no issues. The mirage from the suppressor is no longer an issue. When I shoot at longer ranges I tend to shoot fairly rapidly to stay within a wind phase if I can. I average about a shot every 2 seconds. The suppressor got pretty damn hot but no issues with sight picture. The AG cover made unscrewing the suppressor a pain free operation although AG are careful to tell users that they should still take great care (litigation culture I guess). The cover did not budge when shooting at all. I leave it in place after removing the supressor as it protects it from scratches and dings. I can see no reason not to use a mirage cover and will continue to do so myself. 
I have recieved quite a few positive/interested comments from other guys at the range. It seems mirage covers are a fairly new thing in the U.K. as I rarely see others about. 


I am really happy with my Armageddon gear suppressor cover. It will stay on the ASE Utra now and I will likely buy another for the Surefire. I will also be looking at some of AGs other products for review as they appear to have the same qualities – function and durability. I would thoroughly recommend these to my shooting friends and imagine I will see more on the range in the near future. 
Price: standard size $69.95, custom size $74.95

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