A bit of an unusual item for review today at GnZ. The innovative team at Schrade have come up with this multitool on steroids. If you ever needed to have a one stop shop for breaking stuff then this is it! To be serious it actually has alot of practical applications. It is branded by Schrade as being a method of entry tool. That is pretty specialized but may be of interest to law enforcement, fire fighters or some military units. Most of us will use it for heavy work such as reducing or erecting structures. If you spend alot of time out in the wilds then I am sure it could be put to many uses but it is a little too heavy if your not vehicle based. Definitely a good tool for the boot of the car or in the back of a truck.



The Tool is made from 1055 carbon steel and weighs in at 3.0lb. It is a hefty, rugged tool. At one end it has a cutting surface. The top of the cutting surface is referred to as a scraper and the side is axe like in nature. It is pretty sharp out of the box and comes with a plastic cover to avoid it cutting into anything when stored. The edge ends with a hook shaped blunt section. The handle has a cutout which fits air cylinders. I am guessing that would be especially useful to rescue teams using breathing aparatus. The handle is bound with paracord which is always useful to have around. The handle curves into a rugged pry bar with a nail pulling V section.


The rear side of the pry bar is thick and heavy enough to be used as a makeshift hammer. If your in the woods for a period of time then this really is the do it all of shelter building tools.

In Use.


I have had this tool for around 6 months now. I had the opportunity to use it for removing windows and doors during some structural work. It popped double glazed windows and PVC doors open with suprising ease. Even heavy wooded doors didn’t present it with any problem. I also pryed an old car door open with it (scrap car). The tool is incredibly strong that is for sure. The only slightly negative aspect is that you have a sharp edge on the end of a pry bar handle. If you forgot it was there and moved your hand into it for added leverage you may end up cutting yourself. I tried to keep this in mind but I had the benefit of a stress free environment. This tool lives in the back of the 4×4 as it has multiple uses for outdoor application as well as work related urban use.

Price and conclusion.

The MOE demolition tool costs around $80 which is good value I think. Given the quality of material and manufacturing I would say the price is more than fair. I will continue to use this for tough and rugged jobs. If you find yourself needing to break stuff up on a regular basis then you should consider one of these…