I have owned the PST for about a year now. It sits on my Remington 700 based .308. It has seen extreme rain, cold, heat, wind, dust, mud and the odd bang on the gun cabinet. I know some scope reviews go into serious detail when rating glass. I have neither the equipment or optical knowledge to do anything like that. I am a photographer so I understand the importance of optical quality. Other than that I am just an average guy!

I began reading very positive reviews about Vortex scopes a couple of years ago. Scopes for long range are generally VERY expensive. The most interesting thing for me other than the good reviews was the price point. The Vortex is around a third of the price of competitors with similar features… I am a full time undergraduate at the moment and I work part time. I have a family to support. We have to be realistic when it comes to the price of shooting gear. I simply cannot afford to spend the equivalent of a second hand car on my scope. My girlfriend would kill me! Every time I buy gun stuff I have to buy her sewing machines and equipment so I tread very carefully!!

My Requirements

I wanted a ;