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Load testing – Reload Swiss RS52

Reload Swiss are the newest propellant brand in the U.K. Propellants have suffered with supply problems in recent years here. ;

Building a Precision Rifle – Part 3 – Extended range shooting.

The GnZ Precision rifle build has up to now been a huge success. At both 100yds and 600yds the rifle achieved very good results. Would this bear out at longer range. First we should bear in mind the budget so far..

MDT HS3 Chassis system – £500
Second hand Remington 700 ADL – £350
Second hand……

Building a Precision Rifle part 2.5.. A quick update from 600yds.

I headed back out to Bisley today with regular contributor Raf and the Precision Rifle project.
The project is based around a £350 second hand Remington 700 in .308.. It will end up as a light weight .260Rem. Please head back and check out the first two articles for in depth descriptions of the plan……

Turning new guys into competent shots at Orion Firearms Training.

IF you want to try your hand at Target shooting  in Britain, you have a ;

Range Day – Thoughts, findings and photos..

The one thing I always need more of in shooting is practice. The biggest improvement I can make is in my wind/enviroment reading. Sure I could drop a bundle of cash on better kit and probably pick up a few points.. Like many of you I am on a limited budget. If buying gear prevents……

F class 1000yds Bisley 22/2/15

F class rifle competitions are fairly new as far as shooting disciplines go. George Farquharson, a Canadian fullbore shooter, developed it for those who lacked the eyesight required for iron sights at long range. Most long range comps were either Palma (iron sights, slung prone position) or benchrest (scoped from bench, shooting for tight groups)…….

GunsNzens Birthday shoot!

What should one do on their 39th Birthday? Get drunk? Eat crap? Nothing? I decided to go shooting for the day with mild persuasion from the ever keen Raf. Sam, the other Gunsandzen regular also came along for the ride.

Reloading rifle cartridges. 2 – Kit and workspace

Because you need to be able to work to very fine levels of precision and consistency when reloading, your kit and workspace become very important. The scales that seem like a bargain on Ebay may look tempting. Will they weigh to a 10th of a grain consistently, thousands of times over? Probably not. Every small……

Reloading rifle cartridges. 1 – Reloading and Zen!

Reloading your own ammunition is a time consuming and delicate business. Some shooters just cannot be bothered. They are happy with the factory ammo they use. They are pleased with the performance of their rifle and ammunition. They are happy with the cost. That is fine, I am not a reloading elitist. I reload for……

Long range shooting for beginners 8 – long range at the range..

After a rather mundane bit with maths and tables we now get to have some serious fun. This is the day we have been working towards – shooting out to 1000+ yds. For some of you competitive long range veterans that may seem like no big deal. For many (myself included) who have spent years……