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Ammunition natures and their temporary effects on accuracy and POI shift

I work as a Ballistic Engineer and pro shooter. I spend a lot of time on ranges firing a variety of weapons. Not only do we conduct firings for new developments but also proof production runs for accuracy. This allows me to gather a lot of data which I simply could not afford to do…


Building a Precision Rifle Part 4 – Trueflite .260Rem barrel at Dolphin Gun UK.

So we had some fun with the rifle and its standard Remington .308 barrel which was to be fair suprisingly accurate. Now it is time to rebarrel the gun in our chosen caliber (.260Rem). I spoke with a very informative gent at Trueflite barrels in NZ who really helped us out and put me in…


Reloading rifle cartridges. 1 – Reloading and Zen!

Reloading your own ammunition is a time consuming and delicate business. Some shooters just cannot be bothered. They are happy with the factory ammo they use. They are pleased with the performance of their rifle and ammunition. They are happy with the cost. That is fine, I am not a reloading elitist. I reload for…