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Ammunition natures and their temporary effects on accuracy and POI shift

I work as a Ballistic Engineer and pro shooter. I spend a lot of time on ranges firing a variety of weapons. Not only do we conduct firings for new developments but also proof production runs for accuracy. This allows me to gather a lot of data which I simply could not afford to do…


Long range shooting for beginners 8 – long range at the range..

After a rather mundane bit with maths and tables we now get to have some serious fun. This is the day we have been working towards – shooting out to 1000+ yds. For some of you competitive long range veterans that may seem like no big deal. For many (myself included) who have spent years…


Long range shooting for beginner’s 5. Ammunition.

The time has come to shoot your newly purchased rifle! By now you should have kitted yourself out with the equipment you will require. Your rifle will have sights mounted (Iron or scope) and you will have sighted in crudely using the bore sighting method discussed in the previous article in this series. Before leaving…