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Civillian Service Rifle – Urban Contact Match U.K.

The MPGS Gurkha on guard is positively beaming. He looks like the happiest man in Pirbright, and there is nothing he would rather be doing¬†this early Sunday morning, than check in 100 civilians onto his base. He’s assisted by Fred from the NRA, who is armed with a list of names as he verifies the……

F class 1000yds Bisley 22/2/15

F class rifle competitions are fairly new as far as shooting disciplines go. George Farquharson, a Canadian fullbore shooter, developed it for those who lacked the eyesight required for iron sights at long range. Most long range comps were either Palma (iron sights, slung prone position) or benchrest (scoped from bench, shooting for tight groups)…….

The trend of “tactical’.

The word tactical is everywhere at the moment in the firearms industry. However it is a word that generates controversy for a ;

More Practical shotgun fun @ Phoenix

After a rather long break of a couple of months I thought I would head out for some practical shotgun. I am lucky enough to live reasonably near the previously mentioned Phoenix practical shooting club. The drive to the club is enjoyable in it’s own right. Beautiful rolling downland, sweeping valleys lush with evergreen, all……