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Aku Strike Knives

Aku Strike are an American based business who aims to provide innovative, good quality products at a reasonable price point. I have been using two of Aku’s knives over the last two months to see if they perform as promised…. Mimic Aku have two products named Mimic (maybe that is where the name originates). The…


Rugged Folders.

Most people would agree if you need a rugged, tough blade then fixed is the way to go. A fixed blade generally has no joins or obvious weak points making it ideal for challenging environments. However a fixed blade is not always a viable option. You might work in a role which requires you carry…


Fox Karambit!

The Karambit style knife has recently become rather popular. All manner of “self defence” gurus have espoused its greatness via youtube and it seems every knife company has released a version or will be soon. However despite the trend it has a number of detractors and debates rage as to it’s pros and cons.. Now…