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Building a Precision Rifle Part 4 – Trueflite .260Rem barrel at Dolphin Gun UK.

So we had some fun with the rifle and its standard Remington .308 barrel which was to be fair suprisingly accurate. Now it is time to rebarrel the gun in our chosen caliber (.260Rem). I spoke with a very informative gent at Trueflite barrels in NZ who really helped us out and put me in…


Building a Precision rifle – Part 1: MDT HS3 Chassis and calibre choice.

We have a number of rifles available to use here at GnZ. The calibres are the tried and tested old favourites.. .308, .223, .303, 30-06.. I thought it about time we got into something a little different. I decided to run a series of articles featuring a Precision rifle build. Precision/Practical rifle is growing in…


Magpul PRS butt stock review.

I have been using the PRS for about a year now. I figured it has been long enough to provide an honest account of it’s performance. I am not a Magpul fanboy by any means. I have used many Magpul products, some I liked and some I didn’t. The PRS is a bit of both…