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More Practical shotgun fun @ Phoenix

After a rather long break of a couple of months I thought I would head out for some practical shotgun. I am lucky enough to live reasonably near the previously mentioned Phoenix practical shooting club. The drive to the club is enjoyable in it’s own right. Beautiful rolling downland, sweeping valleys lush with evergreen, all…


Practical/target shotgun – what’s it all about?

I have been shooting competitively since I was 12. A good few years ago now! Back then shooting sports in the UK were rather… tame. The most popular branches of the sport were target rifle disciplines. Everyone wearing brightly coloured leather shooting jackets, shooting in the prone position at standard paper targets set at a…


Gun Review – Revo Tactical FAC Shotgun

After 6 months of heavy use I figured it would be a good time to post my thoughts on the Revo Tactical 12g. This shotgun has some pretty bad press on the shooting forums. The main criticisms are “its cheap” and “its Turkish”. I agree with both statements, it is cheap at £275 and it…