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Sniper Solutions – Wind Finder

We have moved into a time where nearly every variable the long range shooter has to contend with can be calculated digitally. We have scopes with built in range finders, phones which can measure pressure, inclination, temperature. And of course we have ballistic calculators. Although companies have tried there is one variable that has proven…


Sniper Hider

If you have ever shot scoped rifles in direct sunlight you will be aware that it can sometimes be a big problem. It can be a struggle to see anything with glare on the lens. Scope manufacturers will often sell a tube which screws onto the front of the scope. These act as a sunshade…


Canadian Sniper 2.2 mile shot – Ballistics discussed

Recently a news story has been doing the rounds regarding a world record shot made by a Canadian Sniper. The story suggests the sniper made the shot at 2.2 miles. Some stories differ on the exact range but most seem to agree on 3540 meters. This article discusses the ballistics involved in making such a…