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Fallkniven A1 Pro.

If you are a regular reader you might have seen the review of the iconic Fallkniven F1 a couple of months ago. The F1 is part of a range of knives – the A1, F1 and S1. The F1 is the baby of the bunch which suits a specific niche – a small but incredibly…


Fallkniven F1 Pro

When I was a kid in the late 80s I asked my Dad to subscribe me to a magazine called Combat and Survival. I used to look forward to its arrival on a friday evening when Dad would bring it back from the newsagents complete with a 1/4lb of cola cubes and a stick of…


The Parry blade – A do it all survival knife?

I have used big blades and small blades when out in the woods and I can tell you one thing I know for sure – A small blade cannot do what a big blade can. Can a big blade manage the fine work as well as dealing with heavy stuff.. The Parry blade attempts to…