During the first week of March I was lucky enough to attend Enforcetac and IWA. For those of you that havent heard of these shows I should probably explain them. Enforcetac is an invite only event which takes place just before IWA. Enforcetac is aimed specifically toward law enforcement and military. IWA is easier to get into as anyone can buy a ticket and attend. IWAs scope is much larger and encompasses all aspects of outdoor sport (shooting, hunting, hiking, bushcraft ect..)

I flew from the U.K. early in the morning on the first day of Enforcetac. The flight was just over an hour. Nuremberg has some great looking historic architecture. I stayed in a hotel which was about 10 minutes from the town centre. After dropping my bags in I made a 20 minute tram/train ride to the Messe (exhibition centre) and booked myself in. Security was rigourous as one would expect in these turbulent times. The centre was vast, incredibly well staffed and organised. Enforcetac took place in two halls which were huge. The bottom hall was dedicated to vehicles and larger installations while the upper floor catered for man portable equipment and apparel. I have listed a few of the products which I was able to get pictures of. Some stands actively encouraged photography while other had signs forbidding it. Some of the products were very new or in prototype format which is likely to be why.
Vehicle Hall

Drones seemed to be the main source of interest. Ranging from small to large and from ground to air there seemed to be drones for every conceivable tactical application. An area at the rear of the hall allowed companies to demo ;