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Tactical Timepieces – The Marathon GPM

We take a look at a fair bit of EDC (every day carry) gear here at GnZ. Of course pocket knives and tools feature heavily but I got to thinking. Which item of EDC do I use the most and needs to be functional, rugged and reliable? It is of course a Watch. If like……

Night Vision Ratting on a budget

A review of the Megaorei 2 night vision add on setup. We run through the setup and functions then take a look at some footage from some rat shooting at the farm. Shots are taken between 15yds and 40yds.

Rifle – BSA Ultra SE sub 12ft/lb .177

Scope – March 2.5-25×42

Mounts – Sportsmatch

Pellets – H&N Terminator 7.25gn


Kore Essentials Tactical, The Best Gun Belt?

I have always been a belt wearer but often its been a love hate relationship. Working as a pro shooter I need a belt capable of carrying heavy kit while remaining wearable and comfortable. It needs to be just as comfortable when I’m at the office or out to dinner with clients. Previously I have……

CRKT Goken – Field Strip Technology

I still have my first CRKT knife. A Hammond Cruiser which I bought from Heinnie Haynes in the UK. It was the first “flipper” I had ever used and I loved it, correction still love it! Will the CRKT Goken live up to that smooth flipper heritage? And what exactly is “field strip technology”?


Columbia River……

SHOT Show 2020 – New Product Spotlight

GnZ could not make SHOT Show this year but we won’t let that stop us. We can take a look at the new products with our feet firmly up and a single malt in hand..

Sig Cross Rifle

TOPS Knives – El Chappo Cleaver

We have seen alot of Cleaver shape blades enter the field cutlery market recently. Most have been of the small, cute, novelty folding variety. They make for fun little EDCs. Tops had something a little more functional in mind.. The Tops El Chappo.

Tops have been making field cutlery since 1998. They have an extensive……

Mechanix 0.5mm High Dexterity Tactical Gloves

If you do a lot of shooting in all environments you will no doubt wear gloves or have tried some. If you have ever scraped your hand along Picatinny rails when it’s -5c then you will know why gloves can be a sensible option. My main issue with gloves when using a Precision Rifle has……

Terminal Ballistics – Air Rifle Pellets

In the UK Air Rifles and Pistols are incredibly popular. This is largely down to three reasons. They are cheap to buy and run, they are ideal for dealing with common small pest species and last of all they are not as heavily regulated as section 1 firearms (power and location dependant). Many of us……

Sniper Solutions – Wind Finder

We have moved into a time where nearly every variable the long range shooter has to contend with can be calculated digitally. We have scopes with built in range finders, phones which can measure pressure, inclination, temperature. And of course we have ballistic calculators. Although companies have tried there is one variable that has proven……

The best hunting knife in the world? Fallkniven PHK..

I used to think I didn’t need a dedicated hunting knife. Most medium fixed blades and a few folders have served me well in a dual role capacity. Most of those knives were designed for basic woods use. They tend to be designed for chopping wood and other camp style tasks. The blade geometry tends……