Monthly archives: March, 2015

Reloading Rifle Cartridges 4 – Brass Prep

By now you should have sorted yourself out some kit for reloading. If not please look back over the previous articles and go do your shopping! This article will focus on the reloading procedure – how to be safe, efficient and end up with consistent ammunition.

Prepping your brass

We will imagine that we are all going……

More Practical Shotgun @Phoenix 8/3/15

Just a few videos of todays outing to the fantastic Phoenix practical shotgun club in Sussex.

I am slowly improving, my reloading times are way to slow. Overall I was very pleased with the mornings performance as I cleared 20 targets in……

Range Day – Thoughts, findings and photos..

The one thing I always need more of in shooting is practice. The biggest improvement I can make is in my wind/enviroment reading. Sure I could drop a bundle of cash on better kit and probably pick up a few points.. Like many of you I am on a limited budget. If buying gear prevents……