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DPX Gear are proving popular here at GnZ. The last time I went to Wales for a shoot (rifle and photo varieties) I handed round some knives and other kit for the guys to look at. The DPX knives were particuarly popular, especially the HEAT. It is a knife that offers a juxtaposition of concepts…….

U.K. legal carry knives.

Knives featured in the article:

Schrade/Uncle Henry “Rancher”
Fantoni Dweller
Spyderco UKPK
Byrd Tern

We are lucky enough to have readers and contributors from all over the world. While we aim to keep the flavour of our articles international there are some such as this one that could leave non English residents scratching their heads in confusion…..

AR15 On a diet part 2 – Rainier Arms Evo handguard and muzzle brake testing.

In the last article I discussed lightening and modernising the old SPR build we have here. Graham from ACP Shooting (Sussex, England) kindly fitted the Rainier Evolution handguard.
Rainier Arms provided two muzzle brakes which were originally going to be used in a group test…….

Shooting glasses – Swisseye Nighthawk vs Bolle Raider.

Glasses were not widely used when I began shooting in the 1980s. Of course there were those who needed to wear prescription glasses but as a safety item they were largely disregarded.
Times change and we learn from our mistakes. Health and safety has become a necessity at the range just as it has in……

Shooting Interview – No.1 – David Bonwick, The

In the first of our series of interviews from the world of shooting sports we are pleased to welcome David Bonwick, Owner of The Shooting Shed.
I first met David a couple of years ago by chance. I had responded to a for sale advert and travelled to purchase the item. I ended up spending……

Mechanix Wear M-pact Covert Gloves.

If you are into outdoormanship then you probably own a specific pair of gloves for it. Outdoor pursuits such as bushcraft, camping, hunting and shooting are all pretty tough on the hands and require a wide range of features to offer protection from multiple factors. The primary factor is that you are generally outdoors and……

Bushcrafting blades – Maserin 986 and Morakniv Bushcraft Survival


There are many things we now take for granted in the developed world.. Heat, clean water, shelter, food. If most of us had any of those removed and were forced to fend for ourselves without shops we would probably struggle.
In essence the art of bushcraft is a skill set that enables a person to……

Boot review – Haix Black Eagle Athletic 10 Mid.

Why me?

I am probably the worst person on earth to test boots. I have feet that hurt everywhere. My heels rub on my boots and I have to have three pairs that I rotate to keep my left leg happy. I also have slightly dropped arches and platipuslike wide feet. So when I was picked……