I headed back out to Bisley today with regular contributor Raf and the Precision Rifle project.
The project is based around a £350 second hand Remington 700 in .308.. It will end up as a light weight .260Rem. Please head back and check out the first two articles for in depth descriptions of the plan and reasons behind it.
I figured it would be a good idea to see how the rifle shoots at longer range after the 100yd group test the other day. The group test showed that the MDT HS3 stock made a huge positive difference to accuracy.


The ammunition used this time would be FN NATO 7.62X51 and GGG “Imperial” 155g 7.62×51. We began at 300yds. The first round was a couple of inches low of the bull but after a quick adjustment I was holding the 5 ring consistently. Great considering I picked the FN up very cheaply.. I decided to save the more expensive GGG ammunition for the 600yd range as I only had 15 rounds left.

Raf had moved on from his SMLE to a lovely Tikka T3 in .30-06. Once he had that zeroed we moved back to the 600yd line for a greater challenge.
I estimated adjustment which was a little high – just off the black at 12 ‘o clock. A couple more shots and clicks and the bullets were finding the 5 ring. The FN ammo is military surplus and very cheap (See Graham at ACP Shooting sports – link below). I would not expect it to perform particuarly well through any rifle let alone a cheap pencil barreled Remington 700. It ran suprisingly well, I dropped into the four ring a couple of times but overall quite consistent.


I had 15 rounds of GGG “Imperial” 155g to get through. This had previously produced 100yd groups of about 1MOA . The first round went just into the outer of the black at 2 ‘o clock. 2 more rounds and it was a Vbull. After that it was 5s and V bulls all the way. We really had to pick up our speed due to fading light but even then the consistency remained.

I commented to Raf at the time that the recoil throught the MDT Chassis felt very square. The rifle kicks straight back allowing me to track my target throughout. If the stock you are using doesn’t fit your body size/shape correctly then recoil can often push the gun left or right of target. The MDT HS3 allows infinite options as you can use your choice of AR furniture giving great ergonomics. The DNZ Gamereaper mounts contribute a lot to ergos as they give me a firm consistent cheek weld. Building a consistent stable position is one of your shooting fundamentals.


So far I am very positive about the improvements that the chassis and mounts have made. I am now very excited to enter the next part of the build – a new barrel from Trueflite in .260Rem. We also have to decide on a scope to mount as I have been borrowing a Vortex Viper PST from another rifle up to now. Shall we go with another Vortex given that several of us use them and have been very pleased? Opinions on scope choice are welcome below but remember we are on a tight budget! It is pointless to suggest the excellent S&B PM2 on a build we are trying to keep realistic for any shooter. Most guys are not going to drop 2K on optics..

Take care for now..



ACP Shooting, Sussex, – www.acpshooting.co.uk

MDT – http://mdttac.ca/

DNZ – http://www.dnzproducts.com/