The GnZ Precision rifle build has up to now been a huge success. At both 100yds and 600yds the rifle achieved very good results. Would this bear out at longer range. First we should bear in mind the budget so far..

MDT HS3 Chassis system – £500
Second hand Remington 700 ADL – £350
Second hand Harris bipod £50
A Magpul PRS grip I had removed from an old rifle (second hand value £125)
A Fab Defence grip I had laying around (used value £10)
DNZ Gamereaper mounts – £90
Vortex Optics Viper PST 6-24x £550

Total £1665

Also bear in mind that this system is about to become a .260Rem with a fairly simple barrel change.
That price is pretty cheap considering it includes an excellent scope. But what performance do you get for £1665. I decided to test it to the limits at extended range and answer that question with lead hitting steel..


As is usual I took the rifle to Orions range in Wales. It is one of the only places in the UK where you can shoot out to increasing distances and find the limits of most calibres. The rifle is currently in .308 guise – a stock Remington action and barrel. The .308 is generally thought to be an 800yd capable round. Target shooters among you will no doubt know that it can be pushed into and possibly beyond 1000yds with the right ammunition. For most experienced long range shooters the “right ammunition” would be handloads they have made themselves. In terms of keeping things fair and repeatable by those without access to handloads I decided to use factory ammunition. In fact I chose standard Nato 7.62x51mm because it is a highly standardized item. I ran GGG which is a brand currently used by the NRA in the UK. I have found GGG to be of good quality in the past and after thousands of rounds in less than optimum conditions has remained reliable. The previous articles featured shoots at 100, 300 and 600yds using the same GGG ammunition. The combination gave us a group size of around 1MOA. In theory this would give a 10″ group at 1000yds. Not quite so simple in reality though.


A box of the very reliable GGG 7.62X51mm Nato in the foreground. Utilising a sandbag and bipod in the quest for stability..


I zeroed the rifle at 200yds in a couple of shots. I then moved out to some small steel swingers at 370yds. A miss about an inch off target at 7 ‘o clock followed by adjustment and a hit dead centre.
The next targetry is out at 800yds, a couple of big swingers and assorted clays and small steels. It took a further 2 shots to hit the large steel swingers and a couple more to dial into the centre. At this range were hitting IPSC type targetry consistently with what looked to be around 1.5MOA spread horizontally. Given that I was shooting from uneven ground with a Harris bipod I think that is very acceptable. The ground at Orions main firing point is mostly small pieces of loose slate. A large sandbag would normally be better than a bipod on hard loose ground as it will not move under recoil and may provide more consistent harmonics. However, many of the targets are spread across inclines and declines some quite steep. The bipods adjustable legs make steeper shots possible with minimum hassle from prone. A large bag can also be a pain when your moving firing points which we were about to do.


Checking out available targetry with the spotting scope before we get started..

We all moved forward to an elevated firing point above water features. The view along the valley from here is stunning. Targetry runs around the water features,across the valley and up into the hillside opposite. From here I was able to reach out to 930yds. The task of ringing steel was becoming difficult. 2MOA swingers were being hit with 2 out of 3 shots. The wind in the valleys is very tricky. Even at 5mph they swirl and react to the terrain making it a LOT harder to predict than most standard gallery ranges. Tim the RO and an excellent spotter/instructor recommends thinking of it in terms of fluid washing through the valley.


Tim – a superb RO and instructor.

The rest of the group were kitted out with various rifles. An AI AT in .308, a DTA in 338lapua and a 30-06 Tikka to name a few. We gathered kit and made our way to the rear of the range and slowly up the hill.


The AI AT proving its worth as expected..

Firing points from here give you a couple of large steels one of which is at 1150yds. It was at this point the ammunition would reach its match. The rounds splashed inches from the target but were not consistent in point of impact. I figured the transonic zone would be sending them wobbling off course. A couple of the guys running match ammo with their .308s made hits as did the mighty 338 Lap and the 30-06. The 338 carried on to ring steel at 1600yds.. Way beyond the .308s humble reach.


Reaching way out to 1600yds..


Once again the GnZ Precision rifle build impressed me. For £1600 we have a rifle which will happily shoot factory ammunition out to 1000yds and that includes an excellent Vortex Viper PST scope. There are very few rifles that can produce the goods consistently at that price. If I were planning on keeping this as a .308 I would buy some new brass and handload some match quality long range specific ammunition. My other usual Remington 700 custom shoots 170gr bullets happily out to 1200yds and I suspect could be pushed further.

In the Next article we will be taking the rifle to Mik at Dolphin Gun Company. Mik will be fitting a .260rem Trueflite barrel which should get among some of those extended range plates with the right load.



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