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CRKT Goken – Field Strip Technology

I still have my first CRKT knife. A Hammond Cruiser which I bought from Heinnie Haynes in the UK. It was the first “flipper” I had ever used and I loved it, correction still love it! Will the CRKT Goken live up to that smooth flipper heritage? And what exactly is “field strip technology”?


Columbia River……

Ruike M51 Multifunction Knife

Previous to my dalliance with the Ruike M51 I had a yearning for  multifunctional knives. At 9yrs old I was already the proud owner of a slip joint pen knife emblazoned with Disney’s Goofy on the scale. The knife went everywhere with me as I explored the wooded areas around the local neighbourhood with my……

Flipper Knives – Maserin Pitbull and Tekut Tiburon

If I had to choose my all time favourite type of knives for general use it would be a smooth flipping folder. There is something really pleasing as the blade deploys with a with a graceful SNICK! The design seems simple yet in practice a truly smooth and robust flipper requires careful design and precise……

When beauty meets beast – OKC Cerberus folder

Every so often an item catches my eye simply because it looks stunning. This was the case with the new OKC Cerberus folding knife. While scanning through models destined for Blade show 2017 I stumbled across the Cerberus and was keen to see if the function lived up to the form. 


Aku Strike Knives

Aku Strike are an American based business who aims to provide innovative, good quality products at a reasonable price point. I have been using two of Aku’s knives over the last two months to see if they perform as promised….


Raging Jap RJ5 Folding Knife

Following Blade show there are a number of new knives and even companies we will be reviewing here at GnZ. One of those new companies is “Raging Jap” – new to us anyway. Now I have to say the company name raised some eyebrows and smiles in the office for two reasons.. A couple of……

Fox Specwog Alfa Knife. 

I have held back on this review for a while now. The Fox Specwog knife (stands for Special warrior operation group) is a straight up “martial” blade. It was designed for martial application and as such has no real use for EDC. In my opinion there are two markets for this type of knife –……

Budget Folders from Ganzo Knives

I review a lot of high cost kit. I do not select products because they are high cost, I select products that work and endure. It just so happens that most products that work really well and cope with hard use tend to be at the higher end of the price bracket. Not always though……..

Boker Plus XS UK “legal carry”

Why am I reviewing The Boker Plus XS non locking sub 3″ folder? Normally I am not a fan of the non locking folder but I feel I owe you some back story before we get into the bones of the little Boker…

Knife Law

Ever since I was a little kid I have carried a pocket……


DPX Gear are proving popular here at GnZ. The last time I went to Wales for a shoot (rifle and photo varieties) I handed round some knives and other kit for the guys to look at. The DPX knives were particuarly popular, especially the HEAT. It is a knife that offers a juxtaposition of concepts…….