I have been using the PRS for about a year now. I figured it has been long enough to provide an honest account of it’s performance. I am not a Magpul fanboy by any means. I have used many Magpul products, some I liked and some I didn’t. The PRS is a bit of both for me, I have loved and hated it in equal measure!


First thing I hate about the PRS.. The RIDICULOUS price. £200+ for a plastic stock with a couple of moving parts is a little rich. The only reason I own one is because it came as part of a superb deal on a rifle. I would say £150 was a more realistic price point for your average UK shooter.


Onto some positives. My AR is mainly used for precision rifle/practical rifle and long range target (out to 800yds). I wanted an adjustable cheek pad as I find cheek weld a struggle on standard AR set ups. The PRS allows you to quickly and easily change both cheek height and length of pull. The butt feels very comfortable in use and fits the cheek and shoulder nicely. The butt has a picatinny rail at the bottom rear. This allows the mounting of a rear monopod. I have never tried that as i love to use a bean bag or two. Lastly you have rear sling mount options. The mount can be fitted in two places on each side and is very sturdy once it is screwed in place. Although these functions are great they do have a drawback…


Man this thing is heavy! A PRS equipped AR is great if you do most of your shooting from static positions. The extra weight in the butt stabilises the rifle and minimises recoil. If you are planning on taking a lot of unsupported standing and kneeling shots or moving at pace between targets then this may not be what you are after. The extra butt weight also makes the rifle rear heavy in terms of transition. The barrel has a tendency to over sweep the target due to the pendulum type effect. This can be minimised by using a sling which prevents the butt moving in the shoulder if it is set tight enough.

Build quality

Overall this stock is built like a tank. The large wheels turn and click nicely and the butt plate and cheek riser lock out nicely. However the butt plate on mine has developed a little wobble over time. This may not bother some of you but for me it is a pain. I have gone to great lengths to make sure my reloads are spot on. I have cleaned my rifle, made alterations to improve consistency and accuracy. And the part that primarily touches me (the butt into my shoulder) wobbles. Can I be sure I am pulling shots if I have movement in the shoulder. I have asked Magpul for a response, when I get one I will post it.



Apart from the above issue I have had good use out of this stock. After a couple of thousand rounds it has not failed in anyway and provided a comfortable and consistent place to rest my head. The stock works well in terms of adding a sling and the attachment has remained firmly in place. What more can you ask of a stock? Not much that I can think of!


It all comes down to what you want from this butt stock. If you want a jack of all trades that is happy in any position then look elsewhere.. If you take most of your shots from prone/tripod/bipod then this may be just what you are after. It suits my build, I wanted an AR that would be used mainly at extended range from a supported position. That is exactly where the PRS excels..