If you have ever shot scoped rifles in direct sunlight you will be aware that it can sometimes be a big problem. It can be a struggle to see anything with glare on the lens. Scope manufacturers will often sell a tube which screws onto the front of the scope. These act as a sunshade but do not work in direct sunlight. I came across an ingenious piece of kit called the Sniper Hider which solves this along with a couple of other problems…

Produced by Sniper Solutions in the UK, the Sniper Hider screws on to the front of your scope in much the same manner as a shade. The difference is that the Sniper Hider has an aperture which can be opened or closed by turning wheels on the outer body. At first you may think it is just a fancy lens cover. Of course in fully closed position it certainly does a good job of protecting the front lens. The really cool part is that you can partially open the aperture while retaining full sight picture. This reduces glare from direct sunlight.

It is quite amazing as one would expect the sight picture to be severely degraded by having something in front of it. I could see no degradation at all in bright sunlight (in fact great improvement as I had a clear and glare free sight picture). I have been shoo

ting at dusk and beyond using the Hider fully open with no issues other than those usually imposed by lack of light.

Tactical Application

The main issue solved by the Sniper Hider for tactical users is that of concealment. Snipers make a lot of effort to to remain hidden from enemy combatants. A glint from the scope of ones rifle may be enough to give you away. The SH will greatly reduce any chance of your scope reflecting environmental light outwards. This helps the Sniper stay concealed. If you want to reduce glare to absolute minimum then Sniper Solutions also offer an ARD honeycomb style front end.

The Sniper Hider is extremely rugged, I would suggest it will endure the rigours of tactical use at least on par with your high end scope tube.


This was a short review because the Sniper Hider is a brilliantly simple idea executed with rugged, precise engineering. I use it for lens protection and glare reduction and totally recommend it to others. Sniper Solutions offer Hiders for the following scopes with others to be added in the future:

  • Vortex Razor Gen 2
  • Nightforce NXS
  • Nightforce 7-35×56 F1
  • Schmidt & Bender PMII
  • Steiner M5Xi
  • Khales K624i
  • Hensoldt ZF 4-16×56 FF

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