Every so often an item catches my eye simply because it looks stunning. This was the case with the new OKC Cerberus folding knife. While scanning through models destined for Blade show 2017 I stumbled across the Cerberus and was keen to see if the function lived up to the form. 


The first thing you notice about the OKC Cerberus is the wonderfully sleek design. The handle is made from brushed Titanium which immediately has you wanting to pick it and run a finger over it. The handle houses the frame lock which blends in well retaining the sleek vibe. Unlike most tactical blades which have all manner of notches and grooves to aid traction the Cerberus opts for minimalism. 

The bottom third of the handle features some very nice jimping which looks and feels just right – not to abrasive but deep enough to provide some grip. The pocket clip is a thick wire affair which can be positioned for left or right side carry (tip up). The clip has a metal oval at the top which provides a place to thread a lanyard. It isn’t a deep carry but I found it to be secure and snag free on jeans and cargo pants. 


The Blade 

The blade follows the smooth minimalist style of the Cerberus with a classy drop point. The spine isn’t overly thick which makes the blade superb for food prep and filleting. That isn’t to say the Cerberus is not up to the tough stuff. The blade is capable of undertaking many of the daily tasks required from box cutting to kindling. I wouldn’t be batonning with it but I would not ideally ever use a folder for such heavy work.

The blade flicks open fairly easily thanks to the thumb studs and locks out with a pleasing click. The jimped thumb ramp is the only part of the knife which deviates from the flowing lines but it looks and feels great. The added traction and control it provides allow for some detailed work to be carried out with precision. 

The D2 tool steel is one of my favourites now I use the Lansky Pro sharpening system. You can bring the D2 to a razor edge in about 10 minutes and it retains the edge really well. D2 is an air hardened high carbon, high Chromium steel with good wear resistance. Unlike many high carbon blades the D2 is also pretty good when it comes to rust resistance. No steel is perfect so don’t go leaving it immersed in salt water but it will definitely stand up to damp use nicely if you clean in every evening and treat it to a little CLP every week or two. 

In Use 

I have been using the OKC Cerberus as a daily carry now for a couple of months. It feels great in the pocket and the hand. I have used it for a multitude of everyday jobs from household to field work and it has not let me down. My favourite application for it has definitely been food prep. It slices as well as a good chefs knife. The Cerberus usually draws some admiration for its great looks and often has admirers believing it be be an expensive piece in a higher price range. 


OKC are always pretty good with price. The Cerberus runs about $120 dollars depending on where you buy it. In the world of quality knives that is very reasonable. I think it represents fantastic value for money considering the materials and solid construction. Well done OKC this knife is a real all round winner in a very suave package. For those looking to move away from the cosmetics of the tactical folder but retain functionality this is a must have!