I have been a long term wearer of Mechanix gloves. I began with the originals for shooting in rough terrain and eventually moved over to a pair of M-pact gloves. The originals still get use but they have been relegated to the shed for manual labour.. The M-pact gloves have worked well for some parts of my shooting sports/job but not all.

I recently had to test and prove some .308 subsonic ammunition. It needs to be proved to be sub MOA at 100yds. I think subs make an excellent training round because they accentuate all the shooters faults. I found myself going back to Marksmanship 101 and tweaking things, my trigger work was heavy handed and I had to remove the gloves and concentrate on building even pressure every time. It got so I could call the shot before spotting it based on trigger control. This was all well and good. The groups shrank, however on some days it was bloody freezing! A couple of times I had to stop and warm my hands as they had gone numb. What I needed was a protective layer from the icy north winds while retaining very good feel for delicate trigger work.. Mechanix offer the Recon.


The Recons are a slim fitting short wristed glove. Check the sizing guide on the Mechanix website linked below to ensure good fit. I opted for a large (I am normally a large in gloves). The wrists have Mechanix usual rubberized straps which fix with Velcro. I have always found them to be simple and secure. The palm side of the wrist has a strong loop which can be used to pull them on (with your teeth if your other hand is occupied!)

Touch Screen Friendly

The rear of the glove is made of a spandex material bearing the Mechanix logo. The palm side is made from 0.6mm “Hair Sheep Leather”. It is incredibly soft and pliable. The trigger fingers have a non overlapping material design which ensures there are no lumpy bits between your finger pad and the trigger. One of the most useful features is that the Recons are touch screen friendly. I have a begrudging acceptance of modern technology within shooting sports or firearms related jobs. The reality is most of us will be using some kind of touchscreen multiple times daily. Taking your gloves off every time is a pain in the ass.

In Use 

I have used the Recons for precision rifle and pistol. I emphasize that these are not hard use gloves. If your kicking doors through for a living then these are not the gloves you need. If you are a comp rifleman or LE marksman then these will really impress you. I was able to maintain excellent trigger feel and the Recons kept the chill off. They also look pretty sweet.


Mechanix sell these for around $40. I am guessing that is down to that super soft leather which is never going to be cheap. The bottom line is that these are a fairly specialized glove. Those that need them will understand the higher price point.