Unfortunately I did not get to go to Shot show 2015. I live in the UK and finances just would not stretch far enough. For those that have not heard of Shot show, it is one of the largest trade events for firearms and related equipment in the world. Although I couldn’t attend I was able to sift through lots of media and pick out a few items/brands that looked interesting.

The tactical polymer company have broken new ground and introduced a stock for the Remington 700. Magpul have traditionally produced furniture for AR type rifles and more recently AKs and other “tactical” rifles. The Remington 700 is one of the most popular rifles in the world. Due to its popularity and longevity a multitude of brands produce after market kit for it. The stocks usually fall into two categories – cheap and low quality or expensive and high quality. You are looking at the best part of £600 if you want good quality and the ability to run detachable mags (as you need a bottom metal as well). My Manners and Badger bottom metal was more like £800.. Not cheap by any means. Magpuls Hunter 700 stock come in at $259 dollars… WHAAAT!!


Available in the usual Magpul color options..

Magpul make a bottom metal as well and the price is….$69.95!!! And that comes with a mag!! To put that in context you get a mag, stock and bottom metal for less than $350. Awesome. The hunter stock features adjustable length of pull and comb height. It also utilises Mlok cut aways up front which allow you to mount picatinny rail sections to suit your accessories.
The bottom metal accepts AI mags but Magpul have released an AI compatible mag. This is great news for those who do currently use AI mags but wish they were cheaper (me being one of them!)

Magpuls new AI/Remington700 compatible mag.. 7.62×51..

I am really looking forward to getting some hands on with the Magpul/Remington kit. If it works well then I think it will sell like hot cakes.

Last but not least from Magpul they have finally released their drum magazine for the AR and compatible platforms. It is a 60 rounder and early reviews have found it to be reliable. It can be taken down for cleaning. These are priced around $130 which is a little strong in my opinion but they look pretty solid. Time will tell and I will keep an interested eye on them..


Check out http://www.magpul.com/ for full specs..

Desert Tech

The guys behind the amazing Bullpup SRS line of tactical long range rifles have also released a stock/chassis for the Remington 700. I am not sure on price point but I doubt it will compete with Magpul in terms of affordability. However Desert Tech have a reputation for extreme precision and durability and prices reflect this. The stock folds either way which is unusual and looks to have every option covered in terms of adjustment and mounting points. It also looks amazing. This might well be one for the shopping list…

Check out http://deserttech.com for info.


The R7S from desert tech, what a beauty!

Silencer Co.

These guys were promoting their Salvo 12g shotgun silencer which has been around for a few months now. It appears to do a superb job of muffling the bang and reports from forums have been favourable. This is however $1000+ dollars worth of moderator so it wants to be good!
The Omega centre fire moderator is also making waves as the “smallest, lightest, quietest” on the market. Notice you didn’t see the word “cheapest”! It looks superbly well made and if I had more money I would be very tempted.


I have not heard of this company before which is not surprising as there are literally thousands of companies in the states making firearms and components. I think this may be the only company fielding a double barrel pump action shotgun though!


Each rack of the slide chambers 2 rounds and each trigger pull fires one barrel. I can’t imagine wanting to use that myself for practical shotgun comps but it gets a nod for breaking convention. The bullpup shotgun market currently has two competitors – the Keltec KSG and the UTS15. None are currently available in the UK due to laws regulating overall shotgun length.

Wilson Combat.

Wilson are normally synonymous with excellent pistols. They do also make long guns, of the AR type. ARs are ten a penny, there are hundreds of companies making their take on the platform. Only a few of those companies are turning out reliable AR10 (.308) variants. The .308 AR tends to be rather heavy and users complain of them feeling unwieldy. Wilson have tried to remedy this with their .308 project rifle. The lines have been smoothed and the whole thing lightened. Wilson give a weight of 7.7lbs for the lightest model on offer. Pretty svelte for a semi auto in .308. The feedback so far has been good so now it will just be a case of watching for reliability issues (another issue with .308 ARs, they are a little quirky in general).



Talking of companies that produce AR variants.. CMMG.. They have been around a good while and have built a pretty solid rep. They were one of several companies bringing AR/AK crossover rifles to shot this year.


Dubbed the MK47 “Mutant”, this is an AR type platform built around the 7.62×39 russian round. Not my favourite round by any means but it is an interesting concept. I have used AKs out to 600yds and they tend to be pretty inaccurate at anything over 400yds to be fair. Will the mutant be able to squeeze a couple of hundred more useable yards out of the cartridge? It might if the build quality is spot on. The main issue with AKs is that they are erm a bit agricultural in there fit and finish. Reliable as hell but not exactly precision machining..


Beretta show cased their M9A3 semi auto pistol. This is an update of the M9A1 which is currently standard issue to U.S. forces. The A1 is on it’s way out and the army have begun running trials named MHS (Modular handgun system). The trials aim to address some of the failings of Berettas M9/A1. Unbelievably after Beretta announced this new update the army flat out declined to even look at it and refused to allow it in the trials. There loss may be to the benefit of sporting pistol shooters as they will no doubt find there way to the civvy market at reasonable prices. No good for us guys in the UK where most pistols are banned but we can still dream huh!


Crye Precision

Another crazy looking shotgun.. This time it is a revolver shotgun which is compact enough to mount below the barrel of an issue rifle. For law enforcement and military this has obvious applications in terms of breeching doors without having to swap out to your service rifle afterwards. The magazine comes completely off allowing a fully loaded spare to be quickly clicked into place. Pretty neat if you ask me. Zero use for sporting applications but I picked it out anyway as new and daring design always peaks my interest.



I love Surgeon rifles. I have pawed a couple and the fit and finish is simply superb. They were pushing their newish CSR rifles at shot. CSR apparently stands for concealed sniper rifle. They come in AI folding stocks with short barrels (16″ on the .308). This will no doubt appeal to the practical rifle community who are often competing in grueling multi day events. Short light accurate rifles are the order of the day for that.. No one wants to be lugging a 20lb, 45″ leviathan around for miles..


Brugger and Thomet

This Swiss company is reasonably new in the firearms world. They make carbines specifically aimed at law enforcement and military. They have had the ACP9 model out for some time (9mm). They premiered their 5.56mm version at shot and it picked up a fair bit of interest. It is compact for a 5.56 and looks to be solidly built. I will keep my eyes peeled for reviews.


Vortex Optics

The guys at Vortex have released a new scope in the 1-6 magnification range. Ideal for service rifle comps or mini rifle. The optic is fairly small and lightweight AND it is well priced which we love! Rrp of about $400. If I get a light weight AR rather than the 20″ barrel SPR type I have now then this may well be the scope of choice.. The only thing I didn’t like was the name.. “Strike Eagle” – cheesy!!


More to follow…