In this day and age it can feel like nothing is made to last the consumer forever. Worse still when products do fail then dealing with customer services or warranty issues can be a headache. I was recently amazed to deal with a company who seem to have a cast iron warranty combined with great products and superb customer service.. T.A.B Gear.

I have been using T.A.B Gear products for several years now. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, T.A.B Gear produce textiles for shooting/tactical applications. I use their rear bags and shooting mat but they offer many more quality items such as suppressor covers, slings, rifle covers..

T.A.B. rear bag next to the AX50

Rear Bag

I have been using a rear bag at work regularly and it gets some serious abuse. It has probably seen several thousand rounds of .50BMG and around the same in 338LM. That is on top of all the smaller caliber weapons we have had sat on it. When proving sniper ammunition to sub MOA standards we have found a stable bi-pod on consistent ground teamed with a rear bag to be an unbeatable combination. The T.A.B. bags allow me to squeeze for elevation changes. They are easily portable and don’t weigh half a ton like some of the bench-rest style options.

After many thousands of rounds being hammered over it the Accuracy International AX50 finally tore a small hole in the edge of the seam. The hole was only about a 1/4″ long and to be honest I could have happily stitched it and it would have been fine. T.A.B. however back up their products with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! I decided to test this out and emailed them a picture and brief description. Within 24hrs I had an email response offering to replace the item with no charge to me at all. Bearing in mind I am in England I thought there might be a long wait. It arrived from the U.S. a few days later. I was blown away by the efficiency of T.A.B.

Pollock Shooting Matt

I have more recently been using the Pollock shooting mat. It is light and packs very small indeed. When unrolled and unfolded it provides a waterproof rugged layer between shooter and ground. It has a small padded section to help protect your elbows and loops at each corner to peg it down in high winds.

I have been very happy with it so far and it looks to be of very rugged build quality. I have heard some shooters complain about lightweight pack-able mats not being comfy enough. They are really missing the point and application of these products. If you want a luxurious spongy mat to lay on then buy one but do not expect it to stow away anywhere. The Pollock mat weighs next to nothing and can be hung off of your Bergen/shooting bag with no problem.

I will continue to use T.A.B Gear products both at work and personally. I will be looking to buy a suppressor cover and rifle cover quite soon so I will update after I have had some time with them..