During my trip to SHOT 18 earlier this year I spent quite a bit of time trying to find products and companies that might interest GnZ readers. One of the Exhibitors that caught my eye was a new name to me – MecArmy. They had some beautifully crafted EDC items which were drawing admiration and comments from passers by. From incredibly small functional flipper knives through to Knuck-Pens, all in a modern but robust looking style. I ended up getting hold of a multifunctional tool which is unique, fascinating and most importantly, useful – The MecArmy X7S..

MecArmy X7S Features

The X7S is a modular piece which can be assembled and used in several ways. In short the X7S provides a Flashlight, a lighter and some small storage compartments. I will break the features down into their separate parts and then explain how they can be combined.


MecArmys X series flashlights are touted as being “the smallest rechargeable USB flashlight in the world”. They are certainly the smallest I have ever handled. It is difficult to get across how well machined the piece is given the dimensions. Weighing only 21g and measuring 47mm in length it still manages to put out a very useful 130 lumens.

The torch is powered by a rechargeable 10180 battery. A full charge at the max power of 130lm will give 30 minutes use or you can select 8 lumens by turning the head which gives 6hrs continuous use. Completely unscrewing the head of the flashlight reveals a USB input for the supplied charging lead. Even when completely unscrewed the head is retained which prevents it getting lost. The threading and engineering in general is a joy and feels smooth and firm.

The little torch is actually really useful. Certainly powerful enough to light a path at night or read with in the dark. It can be attached to keys or clipped to a bag.


The lighter is a simple design in a small package which shares the same quality engineering and finish. The lighter works in much the same way as any liquid fuel unit does. If you pull the main body from the outer tube you will find a brass inner body containing densely packed material. A wick travels through the material. When you soak the material with lighter fluid it will be drawn up the wick. A flint is held against a wheel via a spring and screw. Thumbing the wheel creates sparks which will light the wick. Just like a Zippo basically..

The unit has a screw top and pocket clip rather like a pen. The top also acts as an ideal snuffer when you want to extinguish your flame. The threading is as smooth as silk and overall build quality is outstanding.

Storage pods

The MecArmy X7S kit includes storage pods. These can be combined with either the flashlight or the lighter or can be used alone. Every section of the X7S features O rings and Mecarmy have thoughtfully provided some spares as well. The O rings combined with quality engineering ensure the unit achieves IPX8 water resistance. It can be fully immersed to 2m and will certainly deal with rain.

The pods could be used to store medication, folded up bank notes or any other small items you need to keep safe and dry.


The really interesting thing about the X7S are the carry options it gives you. You get to choose if you want a very small flashlight, or a flashlight with storage or even a flashlight/lighter/storage. You can choose to use items individually or in combination. All you need to do is unscrew the sections and join them in your preferred iteration. I like to join the flashlight and lighter together. This leaves me with two storage pods (one normal and one double) which I hang from my keys and bag. I may end up running the flashlight alone and joining a pod to the lighter just because the flashlight looks so cool and dinky!

The modular aspect is great fun and that really sums up Mecarmys products. They are all superbly engineered, functional but above all have an element of fun which sets them apart from the usual tactical gear.



UK Distributor – www.heinnie.com