GnZ could not make SHOT Show this year but we won’t let that stop us. We can take a look at the new products with our feet firmly up and a single malt in hand..

Sig Cross Rifle

Sig have had a great couple of years. Their marketing game has been strong and the popular MCX Virtus has been selling like crazy. They really needed a strong new product to keep that forward motion. Sig released the details pre SHOT and the new Cross bolt action rifle is available for pre order.

The first point of note is the skeletal nature which equates to a bare weight of only 6.5lb. that is an entire pound lighter than a Remington 700P chambered in 5.56x45mm!! The chassis offers a slim profile folding stock which encapsulates the bolt when closed. The buttstock is fully adjustable and the full length AR style hand guard allows endless mounting options.

Caliber wise Sig have broken new ground. The Cross is primarily offered in their new 277 Sig Fury. The new caliber is a 6.8mm which was allegedly designed for the U.S. 5.56x45mm replacement program (NGSW-R and NGSW-AR Next generation squad weapon rifle and automatic rifle). The program has a handful of companies which made the cut with Sig being one of them. The projectile to be used was a 6.8mm. It is up to the companies how they go about that. Sig decided a new caliber was the way forward. The 277 Fury utilises cases made from a proprietary alloy which allows up to 80,000psi of pressure. That is quite something considering max SAAMI pressure for 308Win is 62,000psi.

The Cross rifle will also be available in the fantastic (and already adopted by U.S. military) 6.5 Creedmoor and the legendary 308win. The one piece aluminium receiver and two stage match trigger help ensure the rounds get down range in sub minute style. We will do all we can to get a Cross for testing here at GnZ and we will keep you updated.

Laugo Arms Alien Pistol

Although the Laugo Arms Alien was released at IWA 2019 the appearance at SHOT Show signifies alleged availability to the U.S. market. Not just another 9mm pistol, the Alien utilises a concept many of us first saw on the Chiappa Rhino revolver. The bore sits well below the normal height which is said to mitigate muzzle flip and recoil thereby making fast follow up shots.

The Alien features a fixed barrel which Laugo say improves accuracy over standard semi auto pistols. The operation is achieved via a delayed blowback system. Laugo boast a highly modular system with different sight options as well as competition options such as flared magwells and compensators. Hopefully we will see the Alien perform in some 3 gun comps and we can make our own minds up..

Talking of Chiappa!

Chiappa have brought us possibly the coolest looking gun of SHOT Show 2020 – the CBR9. It looks more like something that would be found in the Mandalorian. The CBR9 also utilises a low bore to minimize recoil. Chiappa also boast a dramatically lighter bolt (50%) than other weapons in class.

Some will be disappointed to learn the 9mm CBR9 uses proprietary 18 round magazines. Chiappa have said bigger mags are soon to be available but that won’t placate the Glock magazine crowd.

The Brace (or butt for those without ATF woes) is collapsible making the CBR9 extremely portable and likely popular in the PDW (personal defence weapon) category. Time will tell..

MP5 part 2 Electric Boogaloo?

Unlike the breakdance film H&K have released an unexpected sequel which looks classy! This is a response after many years of fans pleading with H&K to give them a legal MP5 variant. They call this the SP5. It bares all the nessecary resemblance to the original minus the select fire switch. No doubt still huge fun and a nice piece of kit to own for the H&K fanboys. Price is said to be around $2800 which shows that H&K have kept their historically high pricing authentic as well..


Originally developed in 2001 by FN the 5.7mm is having its second wind in 2020! The 5.7x28mm is a small bottleneck cartridge which was developed for use in the P90 PDW and the Five Seven Pistol. They had some take up but the 5.7mm ammo never really caught on mainly due to lack of available firearms chambered in it and difficulty in reloading ammo or obtaining it from FN.

Ruger decided to fry everyones minds by releasing the totally unexpected 5.7 pistol called simply the 5-7. With a very soft recoil and 20 round capacity this is likely going to prove popular. Let’s hope ammunition manufacturers jump on board to help with price and availability issues.

Diamondback Arms have also jumped on the 57 Bus with their DBX PDW. Featuring a side charging handle and dual piston system the shorty will run on FN Five Seven mags.


Lastly a little scattergun update. Mossberg and the Miculeks have again teamed up for some slick 12g awesomeness. The new 940 JM Pro will run 1500 round before the gas system needs a clean. It has all the usual oversized comp accessories which help ensure your reloads are as smooth as silk.

If you fancy a detachable magazine instead then Escort have just the thing. They have entered the DM 12g market with affordable options which they are dubbing VTS (versatile tactical shotgun). Like many Turkish made shotguns they seem to share a look with alot of models from other companies in the same region. If they can offer reliable feed with a 10 shot magazine then they will have a unique selling point in that market. Time will tell..

Lastly Barnes have released some polymer tipped 12g monolithic expanding slug. It looks like a thing of great beauty and I will revere it if it performs as Barnes suggest. We will definitely be shooting some melons and gelatin this summer to bring you guys some slow-mo!

That is all for now but we will bring you part 2 of the Shot Show 2020 wspotlight at the end of this week.