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Range Day – Thoughts, findings and photos..

The one thing I always need more of in shooting is practice. The biggest improvement I can make is in my wind/enviroment reading. Sure I could drop a bundle of cash on better kit and probably pick up a few points.. Like many of you I am on a limited budget. If buying gear prevents……

F class 1000yds Bisley 22/2/15

F class rifle competitions are fairly new as far as shooting disciplines go. George Farquharson, a Canadian fullbore shooter, developed it for those who lacked the eyesight required for iron sights at long range. Most long range comps were either Palma (iron sights, slung prone position) or benchrest (scoped from bench, shooting for tight groups)…….

GunsNzens Birthday shoot!

What should one do on their 39th Birthday? Get drunk? Eat crap? Nothing? I decided to go shooting for the day with mild persuasion from the ever keen Raf. Sam, the other Gunsandzen regular also came along for the ride.