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Bolle Swat Ballistic Sunglasses.

I reviewed some shooting glasses last year from Bolle and Swisseye. Both pairs proved to be excellent but were very much designed for shooting use only. You could have worn them as general sunglasses but they would have stood out and been fairly noticeable. Both pairs were quite large and looked.. Well.. Shooty..
Although shooting……

AR15 On a diet part 2 – Rainier Arms Evo handguard and muzzle brake testing.

In the last article I discussed lightening and modernising the old SPR build we have here. Graham from ACP Shooting (Sussex, England) kindly fitted the Rainier Evolution handguard.
Rainier Arms provided two muzzle brakes which were originally going to be used in a group test…….

Shooting glasses – Swisseye Nighthawk vs Bolle Raider.

Glasses were not widely used when I began shooting in the 1980s. Of course there were those who needed to wear prescription glasses but as a safety item they were largely disregarded.
Times change and we learn from our mistakes. Health and safety has become a necessity at the range just as it has in……