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Dolphin Gun Company tour and interview with Mik Maksimovic.

Recently I took one of our project rifles up to Dolphin gun company for a new barrel. We detailed the rebarrelling in the last Presicion rifle build article. I was lucky enough to watch Mik, part owner and head gunsmith, working on the rifle. His knowledge and experience in both shooting sports and engineering impressed……

Building a Precision Rifle Part 4 – Trueflite .260Rem barrel at Dolphin Gun UK.

So we had some fun with the rifle and its standard Remington .308 barrel which was to be fair suprisingly accurate. Now it is time to rebarrel the gun in our chosen caliber (.260Rem).
I spoke with a very informative gent at Trueflite barrels in NZ who really helped us out and put me in……

F class 1000yds Bisley 22/2/15

F class rifle competitions are fairly new as far as shooting disciplines go. George Farquharson, a Canadian fullbore shooter, developed it for those who lacked the eyesight required for iron sights at long range. Most long range comps were either Palma (iron sights, slung prone position) or benchrest (scoped from bench, shooting for tight groups)…….