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Building a Precision Rifle – Part 3 – Extended range shooting.

The GnZ Precision rifle build has up to now been a huge success. At both 100yds and 600yds the rifle achieved very good results. Would this bear out at longer range. First we should bear in mind the budget so far..

MDT HS3 Chassis system – £500
Second hand Remington 700 ADL – £350
Second hand……

Building a Precision Rifle part 2.5.. A quick update from 600yds.

I headed back out to Bisley today with regular contributor Raf and the Precision Rifle project.
The project is based around a £350 second hand Remington 700 in .308.. It will end up as a light weight .260Rem. Please head back and check out the first two articles for in depth descriptions of the plan……

Building a Precision Rifle Part 2 – MDT HS3 Stock assembly and DNZ Gamereaper mounts.

After a couple of weeks of paperwork and thumb twiddling the second hand Remington 700 finally arrived (many thanks to ACP Shooting, Sussex, UK).
I had been trawling the used ads online and found an ADL (basic model) for £350.
The rifle is well used but in satisfactory condition given the price. The barrel is……