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Sniper Solutions – Wind Finder

We have moved into a time where nearly every variable the long range shooter has to contend with can be calculated digitally. We have scopes with built in range finders, phones which can measure pressure, inclination, temperature. And of course we have ballistic calculators. Although companies have tried there is one variable that has proven……

Long range shooting for beginners 8 – long range at the range..

After a rather mundane bit with maths and tables we now get to have some serious fun. This is the day we have been working towards – shooting out to 1000+ yds. For some of you competitive long range veterans that may seem like no big deal. For many (myself included) who have spent years……

A days shooting – long range and practical.

It’s nine in the morning on a cool summers day in West Wales. The wind blows over the tops of the hills and down the winding valleys. We pull into a pub car park and a man steps out of his crew cab pick up.

“Gentlemen good morning” he says and shakes our hand. Bob is……

Long range shooting for beginners 6. Range time!

It is finally time to shoot. I hope you have read the previous articles on setting up. I would also suggest reading the safety article here and referring to range specific safety and guidelines before you pull the trigger. That is vital.