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Bushcrafting blades – Maserin 986 and Morakniv Bushcraft Survival


There are many things we now take for granted in the developed world.. Heat, clean water, shelter, food. If most of us had any of those removed and were forced to fend for ourselves without shops we would probably struggle.
In essence the art of bushcraft is a skill set that enables a person to……

Wilderness fixed blades.

We took a look at some rugged folding blades last week here at GnZ. In that group review I made it pretty clear that a fixed blade was the only way to go when it comes to building large shelters or breaking down decent sized firewood. Tasks such as batoning are really hard on the……

Morakniv Companion – Best value bushcrafting blade ever?

If you enjoy collecting or using quality knives you will also know that they can be expensive. If you were looking for a reliable knife for bushcrafting or camping then your probably going to spend $50/£30+ and lets be honest many of us would spend a lot more..
There tends to be a lot of……