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Schrade tactical pen and airport security..

I recently travelled to IWA in Nuremberg, Germany. Being a good Boy Scout I usually carry a flashlight, a knife and a tac-pen. I like the tac type pens as they are very rugged and tend not to break. They also tend to be weighty enough that I don’t lose them. Travelling of course creates……

Modern T-hawks – Tactical and Practical?

In recent years the outdoorsmanship industry (shooting, hunting, hiking, climbing ect) has definitely become more inclined towards products that are described as “tactical”. I actually wrote a piece on the phenomenon called “The trend of tactical”. With seemingly every accessory offering a tac option (at a price)……

U.K. legal carry knives.

Knives featured in the article:

Schrade/Uncle Henry “Rancher”
Fantoni Dweller
Spyderco UKPK
Byrd Tern

We are lucky enough to have readers and contributors from all over the world. While we aim to keep the flavour of our articles international there are some such as this one that could leave non English residents scratching their heads in confusion…..

Wilderness fixed blades.

We took a look at some rugged folding blades last week here at GnZ. In that group review I made it pretty clear that a fixed blade was the only way to go when it comes to building large shelters or breaking down decent sized firewood. Tasks such as batoning are really hard on the……

Rugged Folders.

Most people would agree if you need a rugged, tough blade then fixed is the way to go. A fixed blade generally has no joins or obvious weak points making it ideal for challenging environments. However a fixed blade is not always a viable option. You might work in a role which requires you carry……

Knives for the Gentleman.. Taylor Brands distinguished folders.

I always like to carry a knife.. The days that I forget, I end up cursing. From unpacking boxes, peeling and slicing fruit, cutting pieces of string, the humble knife is the tool required. Now sometimes we enter an environment where a little class is required. You want the functionality a knife offers in a……